If you have a learning disabilities (LD), ADHD or struggle with anxiety, OCD or depression, you've probably been made to feel as if it is your fault somehow. If only you would - try harder, work more, stay focused, apply yourselves - you could change your behavior and succeed.  Do we expect people in wheelchairs to do without ramps...if they would just try harder? Do we think a blind person could operate an elevator without braille...if they just applied themselves? Do we think a deaf person could hear a song...if they just stayed focused?

No one would ever make these demeaning statements and yet individuals with LD, ADHD and other co-existing conditions hear them everyday. Before long, the negative judgements become ingrained and you find yourself believing them. You settle for the path of least resistance and begin to suppress the brilliance that lives inside you. Let me change your perspective...

You will soon understand how you are built, 

learn to love who you are and discover what you need to succeed. 


I work as a life coach for people with learning disabilities (LD), ADHD, anxiety disorders and other co-conditions. (and those who support them) because I love this often quirky group of people. Trust me, I have my own quirks too. 

Unique learners surround me; in my home, where I volunteer and at my previous work as the CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. 

If you have an LD/ ADHD or 'other' then you know that these things love company. Sometimes they share space with depression. Giftedness and OCD are also often part of the mix. But all this is okay, because these different bits make you interesting. They make you, you.

We know that 7 billion people live on this earth and no two are alike. So why are we all expected to learn the same way? To work the same way? To think and process the same way? In fact some of the greatest minds (Einstein) and the wealthiest entrepreneurs (Richard Branson) and the most famous people (Salma Hayek, and Tom Cruise ) have LD/ ADHD. Do you know why I think this is? I think it's because many unique learners are creative and resilient. They colour outside the lines and they push boundaries.

I also think, in fact I know, that sometimes people need someone else to pull their brilliance out of them so they can shine. It's not always easy, or comfortable, to challenge the norms. Are you going through life holding your breath? Waiting for something to change so you can finally have the life you want? Well, that time is now. Let's get started.


Co-Active Life Coach

Workplace Coach, Specialisterne

Team Member, Psychological Services Associates

Former C.E.O. Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Training and Education:

The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), San Rafael, California

ASIST Certified (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), Ottawa, Ontario

BBA, Bishops University, Lennoxville, Quebec

Member: International Coaches Federation

My second year Health & Fitness Promotion Program Algonquin College students and I were fortunate to learn about the world of “Life Coaching” from our guest speaker Judy Mouland.
Her friendly down to earth personality allowed my students to observe first hand how to get someone to open up about themselves and their life challenges. Many of my students were not even aware of what a life coach is or what they offer, but after her presentation they now know the role of a life coach, how some of these skills can benefit a professional in the health and fitness industry and the importance of networking with other healthcare professionals, like a life coach. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had inspired some of my students to pursue a career as a life coach in the near future!
— Denise Mercier, Algonquin College Instructor