Is it OCD or ADHD or....? And does it matter?

You've heard me say that quirky brain chemistry loves company? This is because very few conditions live alone. This article (see below) says that "30%-50% of individuals with ADHD also have a learning disability, difficulty regulating emotion (anxiety disorder, depression) anger, obsessive compulsive disorder and/or a tic disorder".

Many people are concerned about getting a precise diagnosis on what they or their child "has". And as you can read here - it is important. But I will also say that it is very difficult to do.

As a coach and a mom and someone who has quirks - it's not something that I hyper focus on. I don't need to 'slice it and dice it'. Remember - 7 billion people live on this earth and no two are built alike so whether it's ADHD, LD, OCD, depression, anxiety or a big mix of "all of the above plus some" (autism, aspergers....) the most important thing is - it's just how you are built. And the key to moving forward and claiming your place in this world is to understand who you are and what you need to succeed. You have brilliance and power and they bring value to this world. Maybe you just don't know it - yet.