Raise Your Flag!

As I work each morning, sipping on my very large coffee,  I always have Canada AM on in the background. I was typing on my laptop when I heard this passionate young man speaking. My ears immediately perked up because I was sure he was speaking directly to me - about my son.

I am one of many parents who are blessed to have smart, cerebral, philosophical, curious kids. But this does not necessarily translate into 'liking school...good at school...sailing through school" (sound familiar?) In fact, I've come to know that the more analytical a young person is, the more they actually question the value of a traditional education (but that is a whole other blog post). 

I was listening to Ryan Porter being interviewed. He is the Co-Founder (along with Scott Walkinshaw) of "Raise Your Flag" and he was talking about how their organization works to link people without degrees to great jobs, based on the belief that "...there are companies out there that care more about people with passion, drive and innovation than they do about a piece of paper that a potential employee may or may not have."

I love it! And the fact that they demonstrate that a person's value is not connected to the degree they hold. So important to inspire all the brilliant, but non-traditional, kids we know, who just don't shine in the cookie cutter world of school.

So, do you know someone who wants to be a Chef, Documentary Filmmaker or an Intelligence Operator....oh, Tattoo Shop Owner!? Then send them this blog post and help them to get started!