How much does it cost to hire a coach?

Or maybe the question should be "to not..."

Let's face it, no two people are alike and we all have things we can justify in our budgets and those we cannot. Some people can't imagine skipping their weekly night out to their favorite restaurant while others would think that it is a ridiculous waste of money. Some pour money into the comfort of their home while others travel the globe in search of new adventure.  

Above and beyond food, clothing and shelter, it really comes down to personal preference. But I will wager a guess that for most of us, there are expenses that we can all agree on that are just a complete waste of money.

You know the ones I mean - the stupid things, the impulse buys, the lack of planning wallops. The ones where we know - if we had just been more on the ball - we would have avoided. And these are the things we tend to beat ourselves up over.

If you have ADHD, LD or another organizational challenge...some of these things can become very expensive.  

So if you are frustrated with your finances but wondering if you can really afford a coach, first add up what these things cost you in a month:

  • credit card finance charges
  • late payment fees on bills
  • purchase of exercise equipment which is never used
  • impulse buys on cute items for the home
  • overdraft protection fees
  • returned cheque fees
  • take out food resulting from lack of meal planning
  • penalty for late filing of income taxes
  • parking tickets
  • eating out
  • food rotting in fridge because you forgot it was there
  • laundromat because you haven't called the repairman for the washing machine
  • high interest charges on 'don't pay a cent event' items
  • speeding tickets because you are always late
  • replacement costs of lost items
  • auto repair because you ignored the 'check engine' light
  • library fines

Now what if I told you that working with a coach could eliminate some or all of these costs? Would that change your mind? So take a moment and figure out what these things are costing you in a month. A year. A lifetime. And what would it mean to stop wasting your money on these avoidable costs, both from a financial and emotional perspective?

(And I can - and will - write a whole other blog post on missing out on revenue: Are you working at your full potential? Do you feel confident enough to ask for a raise from you current employer? Do you know about potential government funding and income tax breaks you might be missing out on?)

So will having a coach who can help you tackle your finances mean that you will never have another late charge on your credit card bill? Probably not. And will all the rewards come right away? No. But with time - and in working as a team, you will definitely reap the rewards.