ADHDers Rejoice! It's time to move it...move it.


Last week I was watching Canada AM  (as I do every morning) and they profiled the release of a new study that tells us, in short, that we need to move every 30 minutes. 

The headline on the study?

"Sitting for prolonged periods increases risk for death - disease."

That's right people - DEATH.

The meta - analysis review, published last Monday, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, examined 47 different studies that looked at "sedentary behaviour and a range of negative health outcomes."

And here are some of the key findings:

 "Prolonged periods spent sitting was associated with a greater risk for all-cause mortality, heart disease incidence and death, cancer incidence and death, and Type 2 diabetes in adults." The study co-author Dr. David Atler, from Toronto's University Health Network, said "the study should serve as a 'call to action' to the scientific community, and that more research needs to be done looking into the different ways sitting is detrimental to our health"

And this isn't just about exercising...

In fact the study goes on to say that "health initiatives should not just promote physical activity, they should also promote 'getting off our rears' to minimize sitting time.

Here are some of the suggestions from the study to decrease sitting time:

  • Set an alarm to remind yourself to stand up at work and move around for one to three minutes every half hour;
  • Consider a standing work station;
  • While watching TV, stand up and exercise during the commercial breaks

"The bottom line here is awareness," says Dr. Atler, "Let's get this out in the field and begin to talk about it and address it."

Okay, I'm feeling some irony here.

And is it just me?

For how many years - decades - centuries perhaps - have we been told to "sit still" ..."stop wiggling at your desk"..."stop squirming and focus"..."why do you need to walk around?"..."what is with matter with you!?"

Could it be - is it - that ADHDers have been ahead of the curve this whole time!? 

And really - does that surprise you?

Oh - snap. 


So what do we make of this news?

Well - personally I can tell you that since I heard this exciting and justifying news, I have been doing my best King Julian imitation and twirling around the house, while singing the 'move it move it' song.

Heck - I even did it at a client meeting.  

So people - I say - get up and move!

Have we ever had a better reason!?


I like to move it...move it

He likes to move it...move it

You like to move it...move it


Judy Mouland loves to challenge the status quo and chip away at the word ‘normal.’  Over the years, she has learned to embrace and use her own quirky brain to succeed and is passionate about the power of self-awareness. She became a CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Life Coach for people with ADHD, LD, OCD (and their favorite cousins; anxiety and depression) after serving for 20+ years in local, national and international settings, most recently as the C.E.O. of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.She works to empower her clients to live life on their own terms - no excuses – and to uncover their brilliance so they can shine. She is a member of the International Coaches Federation and freely admits that most everything she knows she has learned from her three exceptional children, who never let her brain become idle.  Her empowering blog posts can be found at: