As a guest instructor, Judy facilitated an engaging and thought-provoking session with the Fitness and Health Promotion students at Algonquin College. Using fun, interactive and personal reflection exercises, Judy demonstrated to the students how Life Coaching as a profession could enhance one’s portfolio as a professional in the Fitness and Health Promotion industry. The students also learned a lot about themselves, their values, and their motivations which will assist them as they graduate and move into the professional world. All of this was done with gentle encouragement and grace. Thank you Judy!
— Jill Peck, Professor, Algonquin College


As a trained facilitator and workshop presenter - both here in Canada and overseas - I offer a wide variety of workshops for corporations, nonprofits and social service agencies. Here is a sampling:

The Telltale Signs of Burnout - Feeling sick, exhausted and overwhelmed between the demands of work, parenting and daily life? This interactive workshops helps you to determine the causes of burnout in your day and develop life saving strategies for when you feel like you are drowning. 

Working with Brilliant People Who are Struggling Under the Surface - Is your workplace doing all that it can to support your employees' mental and physical health? Are you simply providing accommodations - or are the meaningful to each person who needs them? A must for Executives. CEOs and HR Professionals, this presentation will dive deep into all types of learning disabilities, ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders and other silent struggles faces by 1 in 3 individuals in today's workforce. 

Are You a Type or Do You Tilt? - As a True Tilt Certified Practitioner, this workshop will take you through the True Tilt Profile  - a self - assessment tool that increases self-knowledge and self-awareness by revealing why you show up the way you do. Profoundly different than other personality assessments, you will learn that you're not a Type, you Tilt in various ways to adapt to different contexts.

You were great! So personal, personable and able to connect and validate all the participants. I loved it!
— Sue, OCDSB workshop participant